Amlycure D.S. Syrup: Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver Care

Amlycure D.S. Syrup: Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver Care

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 “A Desired Strength Liver Corrective & Protective”

Amlycure D.S. syrup is an ayurvedic syrup for liver that helps improve the functioning of the liver. It is a herbal cure for fatty liver. It helps in fatty liver a desired strength comprehensive polyherbal formulation enriched with scientifically validated natural botanical extracts which contribute to improving disturbed liver functions. Amlycure D.S is the only formulation, which provides the highest number of active phytoconstituents in therapeutic concentration. Amlycure D.S corrects & protects the liver from acute to chronic inactivation. Amlycure D.S helps recover from anorexia & comply all the phases of liver disorders in all age groups to restore functioning & regenerative phenomenon of hepatocytes, metabolic corrective of overall systems of the body. Amlycure D.S helps to stimulate bile, particularly in post-cholecystectomy (surgical removal of gall bladder). Provides protection in viral hepatitis by membrane stabilising effects.Thus, restores the deranged functions of hepatocytes.

Benefits of using Amlycure DS an ayurvedic medicine for liver:

  • Fortified with the highest number of synergistically acting herb extracts in therapeutic concentration
  • Effectively restores LFT’s
  • Clears excessive bilirubin from serum, relieves Jaundice
  • Improves Kupffer cell’s activity, favourably improving innate immunity
  • Enhances secretion of enzymes in GIT, improves appetite, digestion & metabolism
Mode of action:
Amlycure D.S. helps in regeneration & repair of hepatocytes by increasing the nucleic acid content – RNA, DNA & Protein. Glucosidic principle from Kutaki, bhuiamla& other components in Amlycure D.S. inhibit the non-enzymatic generation of oxygenated radicals in the NADH+ system thus act as anti-oxidant (checks fatigue & degeneration) which appears to be mediated through the activity like that of superoxide dismutase, metal ion, chelators and xanthine oxidase inhibitors.     
Pharmacological Actions:
  • Anti-viral action   • Hepatoprotective and Hepato corrective   • Anti hepatotoxic
  • Anti-Cholestatic   • Hypochloremic effects   •  Anti microbial  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory   •  Immunomodulatory action
Contraindications: No such contraindications have been reported.
Adverse effects: No such adverse effects have been reported.
Special Precaution: Safe to be taken.
Saftey on usage:

  • Anorexia
  • Jaundice
  • Viral hepatitis (acute & chronic)
  • Hepatotoxicity induced by -Hepatotoxic drugs e.g. ATT, Chemotherapy& Alcohol
Usage Benefits:
Desired strength: To correct & protect the liver from acute to chronic inactivation.
Comprehensive: To comply all the phases of liver disorders in all age groups.
Multi-dimensional: To restore functioning & regenerative phenomenon of hepatocytes, metabolic corrective of all systems of the body.
Bitter in balance: To stimulate cholagogues & pan creo tropic effects, particularly in post cholecystectomy. 
Drops :Pilferage proof sealed glass bottles of 30 ml.
Syrup :Pilferage proof sealed glass bottles of 100 ml and 200 ml.
Capsule :Box of 3 blister pack of 10 capsules.
Clinical study
A randomised controlled clinical study was carried out at Department of surgery VMMC, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. The well-known hepatotoxic effects of anti-tubercular drugs and anticancer agents were significantly lower in patients receiving Amlycure D.S.  as compared to their counterparts who didn’t receive Amlycure D.S.
Following changes were visualised during the course of treatment in patients receiving AmlycureD.S.:
Improved appetite and weight gain,
Marked improvement in feeling of well-being
Normalised LFT’s
No side effects observed
A clinical study of Amlycure D.S. was carried out at Kayachikitsa Deptt. Of SS Hospital, Inst. Of Medical Sciences, B.H.U, Varanasi to study its efficacy in viral hepatitis. The study revealed the mean reduction in the serum bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT and alkaline phosphatase levels. There was a progressive improvement in biochemical values and symptoms from the first follow-up and mean values were higher than the basal.  
Dosage :
 3-5 drops twice a day. 
Children: ½ to 1 tsf twice a day.
Adults: 2-3 tsf 3-4 times a day

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Note : This product is sold to you on the premise that you have received advice from a doctor and that you are not self-medicating.

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