Amyron Tablet: Ayurvedic Medicine to improve haemoglobin level

Amyron Tablet: Ayurvedic Medicine to improve haemoglobin level

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“A natural health restorative for all ages”

Amyron is a complete nutritional supplement which can also improve haemoglobin level. Amyron is a gentle nutritional supplement of Iron, other essential minerals, vitamins, with vitalizing herbs which contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue plus normal energy release & vitality. It improves overall nutritional status of the patients & ultimately contributes to the normal formation of haemoglobin, red blood cells & platelets. Amyron is a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, protein rich complete nutrition to help improve overall quality of life” by restoring and maintaining physical health.


  • A complete health restorative for whole family
  • Supplements easily absorbable natural iron with folic acid
  • Meets nutritional requirements of Pregnant Women & Nursing mother
  • Improves Platelet count significantly

 Colour Used: Ponceau - 4R
Flavour and Preservatives added.
Mode of action:
Amyron possess potent haemopoeitic action via acting on bone marrow, prevents its destruction and enhance its ability to produce platelets thus, exerts thrombopoietic action. Amyron enhances absorption of iron as it prevents the formation of insoluble and unabsorable iron compounds; it also reduces ferric to ferrous iron, which is the requirement for the uptake of iron in to the mucosal cells for better absorption of iron Vit. C (ascorbic acid) is present in Amyron.
Pharmacological actions

  • Haemopoetic action
  • Thrombopoietic action       
  • Anti-oxidant action       
  • Immunomodulatory action
  • Provides supplements for nursing mothers

Contraindication              :No such contraindications have been reported.
Adverse Effects                                : No such adverse effects have been reported.
Special Precaution          :Safe to be taken.

•  Anaemia
- Nutritional deficiency
- Pregnancy
- Menorrhagia                  
- Generalised weakness
•  General debility
•  Convalescence 
•  Anorexia

Saftey on Usage:

Syrup – Pilferage proof sealed bottles of 200 ml.
Tablets – Blisters pack of 30 tablets.


Adults (Men & Women): 1-2 tablet BD CHILDREN

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Note : This product is sold to you on the premise that you have received advice from a doctor and that you are not self-medicating.

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